First Official Photo of Stallone and Schwarzenegger in The Tomb

Hey U Guys

Back in May, we got our first look at Arnold Schwarzengger and Sylvester Stallone on the set of their upcoming action/sci-fi thriller, The Tomb, with a peek behind the scenes of production interviewing the two action veterans.
Included with that were a few screengrabs of the grey-haired leading duo, and now the first official image of them has surfaced over at The Wall Street Journal.

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Crazay3322d ago

I'm looking forward to seeing them on screen together in action scenes with The Expendables 2 but this is probably the movie I would have wanted as a kid. They'll be interacting with each other much more in The Tomb than they will in The Expendables.

I had always wanted to see them in a buddy cop style movie (like Lethal Weapon). This is the best shot at that for me. Sign me up.