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The Bourne Legacy Review - Movies Hate You Too

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

It’s almost hard to believe that its been ten years since The Bourne Identity was released to both critical and financial acclaim. In the years that followed we saw two extremely successful sequels, The Bourne Supremacy in 2004 and The Bourne Ultimatum in 2007. Rumors continued to swirl about another film but eventually Damon and Paul Greengrass (director of Supremacy & Ultimatum) both passed on the project and it went into limbo. Now five years later Jason Bourne’s legacy continues in the aptly named ‘spin off’ The Bourne Legacy.

The consequences of Jason Bourne’s actions in helping expose Treadstone and project Blackbriar have far reaching implications as the government tries to quietly wrap up their other clandestine operations by killing all of their operatives including Aaron Cross (Jeremy Renner). After escaping assassination Cross traverses the globe to find Dr. Marta Shearing, an on the run government scientist that can help him understand what was done to him. They work together to stay one step ahead in a dangerous cat & mouse game with far reaching ramifications.

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