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Robocop Is A Transformer In The Remake


It's clear from Drew McWeeny's tweets that he doesn't care for the script of the Robocop remake. He goes as far as saying Len Wiseman's Total Recall seems like a masterpiece compared to Nick Schenk's (Gran Torino) latest revision of Robocop. Here are some of Drew's more informative tweets.

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TheDailySuperHero3324d ago

Terrible. Stop rebooting movies please.

DarkBlood3323d ago

while it i agree and disagree to an extent, im not sure honestly how they could come up with new ideas to me that sounds like they are going to end up using old ideas in the long run

theres only so many things you can do for movies ideas that they end up taking from or being compared too anyways

Crazay3324d ago

My enthusiasm for this movie has definitely been watered down after some of these details.

mafiahajeri3323d ago

LOOL Robocop going to Al Qaeda!!! Iran!!? This has tbe a joke! LOOL so funy!! Whos next to go to Al Qaeda!? chick norris the Terminator!?

wishingW3L3323d ago

the transformation is just a social and battle mode anyway. What I don't like is that they will include the original design just to make fun of it. This is not a comedy, the good thing about the old movies is that they took themselves seriously! Even to this day you see this scene and it gives you goosebumps:

Specially the sound effects. So cool! And the terror!

Crazay3323d ago

The original movie hardly took itself totally seriously dude. It had a very skitchy tongue in cheek sort of tone.

"I'd buy that for a dollar!"

negative3323d ago

Loved the first Robocop, enjoyed the second. Didn't bother with the rest of the crap they made after that.

And now this looks like another PASS (ie new Total Recall)

BlackPrince 423323d ago

Am I the only one who thinks this could be great?

Robocop was all about the tongue-in-cheek jokes made at the expense of the military, big business, environmentalism, police cliches, etc.

The Robocop 1.0/2.0 thing seems like a riff on how everything gets focus tested nowadays before it's put out to market. I can just imagine a bunch of social satire about how the marketing department decides that Robocop needs some "extreme" image to be cool. Remember, there were scenes like that in the original as well.

And ED 209s being used to fight suicide bombers sounds as entertaining as ED 209s being used for policing.