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Cinematic Soulmates: Raging Bull and Boogie Nights

Obsession is a favorite topic of many filmmakers, and it’s one that you see recur quite often in cinema. Films as diverse as Sunrise (1927), Amadeus (1984), Zodiac (2007), Jaws (1975) and countless others have all touched upon the subject of obsession in one way or another. Quite often, the films are about the way in which obsession leads to the downfall of one of the characters (usually the main character, but not always). For the most part, the obsession is depicted in a choice made by the character, one that eventually takes over his or her life. The character makes a decision, either conscious or unconscious, to chase after something that is ephemeral and/or unobtainable, and this choice ultimately leaves him or her a broken shell of human being. Sometimes, though, the character has no choice in the matter. They are chasing after something not because they want to, but because it is the only option available to them. Such is the case for the lead characters in the films that are the focus of today’s installment of Cinematic Soulmates.

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