New Breaking Dawn Part 2 Photos And Talk Of A Changed Ending


As series ends go, it's not difficult to see why they might want to make a few tweaks to the conclusion of Breaking Dawn for the film adaptation, if only to create a more satisfying and entertaining conclusion for movie-goers. At the very least, there's room for some adjustments there, and as it happens, the subject of Breaking Dawn Part 2's ending was brought up in EW's Fall Movie Preview issue, along with a few new photos from the film.

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aDDicteD3325d ago

breaking dawn part 1 was so dragging, i hope this is the part where things get paced up ..i am not that amazed by the recent teaser trailers that came out because they can do better than that. i am curious about the changed ending that is mentioned, i hope its for the better. the upcoming war is reminicent of eclipse but i hope the fight scenes would get better than that. i am optimistic that breaking dawn part 2 might deliver like twilight and new moon...eclipse was horrible and breaking dawn part 1 well ...only half and its passable in anyway ...part 2 would really be more interesting as in the books.