The Daily Rotation - The Bourne Legacy Review

Jeremy of The Daily Rotation wrote, "When it was announced that director Tony Gilroy was taking over for Paul Greengrass and that Jeremy Renner was subbing for Matt Damon, many had started to expect the worst for The Bourne Legacy. It was an uphill battle from the start, with Renner coming hot off the success of The Avengers and Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and Gilroy off of the sleeper romantic comedy/thriller Duplicity. The trailers kept me hopeful, but I always knew in the bottom of my gut that something just wasn’t right. Turns out my guess wasn’t too far off, with The Bourne Legacy taking the throne as the worst Bourne film to date, mostly because of its non-ending and lack of action, but also because Renner and Gilroy just don’t have it in them to takeover such a successful spy franchise."

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