Deleted Scene From Season 2 Of The Walking Dead


During the Season 2 trailer, we saw several shots that were never shown, such as Shane running with a bag of guns. Ever wonder what happened to the Vatos nursing home? Well, this clip from The Walking Dead Blu-Ray set has the answer. Check it out.

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aDDicteD3325d ago

I remember that they showed a glimpse of this clip on the first season 2 trailer. Now that answers on whatever happened to the vatos nursing home. I wonder how they were overrun by walkers, with so many man power there plus Rick giving them half of their guns.

Soldierone3323d ago

They had a scene where they were not on the farm AND had a bunch of zombies.....why didn't they use it to break up the farm a little bit.....

Taemin3322d ago

they have more scenes too. they have a scene where shane was running from a group of zombies in the season 2 trailer