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Total Recall Review | Metal Arcade

Zach Kircher of Metal Arcade writes:

Remakes: they are some of the most infamous films of the current generation of Hollywood. While some like Hairspray and True Grit have become some fantastic movies (decisively better than the originals), most of the time it seems like remakes serve the purpose of making studios money in an age of seemingly less creativity. Sure, some argue that remakes are a way to introduce the same story to a new audience, which I think is a legitimate argument, but nonetheless I think corporate greed is a crucial factor. Now take Total Recall: based on a short story by Philip K. Dick and starring Arnold Schwarzenegger, it is a classic of the sci-fi action genre. Due to its quality and popularity, did it need a remake? Nope, but we have one anyway. Coming from star Colin Farrell, writer Kurt Wimmer and Underworld director Len Wiseman, is this new take on Total Recall an action film to remember, or yet another remake motivated by greed?

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