Ranked: Ten Best Schwarzenegger One Liners

From TMP:

While it is a matter of opinion whether or not the remake of Total Recall is as good as the original, almost everyone can agree that it lacks something that the original film had in droves; the effortless delivery of cheesy one-liners by Arnold Schwarzenegger. There's just nothing like a big Australian man putting a comedic twist on a grotesquely violent scene. As such, I've put together this list of his best work so that the void in our movie-watching experience can be temporarily filled.

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darklordzor3332d ago

All this list really needed was "It's NOT a tumor" from Kindergarten Cop...

aDDicteD3331d ago

yep, the top three quotes were accurate and the ones that were most memorable, numbers 4-10 can go in any order, in fact they can even expand the list to top 20 because i think almost all of arnolds films always had one liners that are attention grabbing cheesy quotes, in batman and robin itself he had more than 8 quotes that were silly as hell like; "what killed the dinosaurs - the ice age", "tonight's forecast a freeze is coming". etc.

calis3331d ago

Arnie isnt Australian. He's Austrian.