Justice League Movie: What Has Ben Affleck Directed to Garner Any Consideration? On Wednesday, rumors hit the Internet saying Warner Bros. and DC were considering Ben Affleck to direct their big screen ensemble movie, Justice League. Thankfully, a report came out just a few hours later stating Affleck's camp said there is no interest to direct this movie.

Thank goodness but what the heck are Warner and DC thinking?

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TheCritic283325d ago

That was my beef too. Affleck's a good director, but not for a huge, epic summer action film.

Soldierone3325d ago

Sometimes you just gotta give him a chance though. What did other directors do before they took on big movies? I think it'd still be best for him to at least direct one single hero movie first, and not jump straight to JL.....

BlackIceJoe3325d ago

If he can could pull it off I am alright with that. But I so would love to see Guillermo Del Toro get to make a DC Comics movie. I could see a version of Atlantis from him looking really great. Another director I would like to see make a DC film would be Neill Blomkamp.

TheDailySuperHero3325d ago

Maybe Del Toro would do an Aquaman movie since he has a love for monsters and he could create some interesting underwater creatures.

aDDicteD3323d ago

ben afflecks movie "the town" was really good but i dont think he could make a good version of justice league at this point. although to be fair he might be better than we initially think, he should do an interpretation of any singular DC hero first to be considered as a frontrunner to the upcoming and inevitable justice league.