First Trailer And Viral For Brandon Cronenberg’s Creepy Clinic Horror Film, Antiviral

If the first poster and trailer for Brandon Cronenberg's "Antiviral" is any indication, the "body horror" apple hasn't fallen very far from the tree.

The young director's last name should be one that's very familiar to Canadian and international cinephiles. The son of famed Toronto filmmaker David Cronenberg, Brandon appears to be following in his father's stomach-churning footsteps with his feature film debut, "Antiviral." In a way that only a Cronenberg could, "Antiviral" lampoons society's obsession with celebrities and the lengths that people will go for a small taste of fame.

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alycakes3326d ago

This one really looks weird and gross. I don't know that I would spend money to go see it. Maybe when it comes out I might rent or watch on tv.

StarWarsFan3325d ago

It looks weird and a bit over-stylized.