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Blade II Blu-ray Review - Movies Hate You Too

Nicholas of Movies Hate You Too writes:

A new form of vampire called Reapers are desolating the vampire population throughout Eastern Europe. In a desperate attempt to stop this seemingly impossible foe the vampire nation enlists Blade to try and stop them. He is given command of the Bloodpack, a specialized group of vampire commandos that were actually trained to kill Blade. The Reapers put the uneasy partnership between Blade and the Bloodpack to the test as they prove to be as resilient as they are bloodthirsty with a secret agenda all their own.

Blade II in some ways is a superior film to the original while in other ways it falls well short. The main villain, Nomak (Luke Goss) is nowhere near as much fun or deliciously evil as Deacon Frost. Nomak is setup as a bloodthirsty monster but by the end he’s more of a tragic victim which robs the film of a certain amount of viciousness. Where Blade II excels past its predecessor is in terms of the rest of the cast, its special effects, and direction. Wesley Snipes and Kris Kristofferson return but it’s the addition of the great Ron Pearlman that really pushes Blade II to the next level. Also joining the cast is Norman Reedus (The Walking Dead), Matt Schulze (Fast Five), and Thomas Kretschmann (Wanted), they’re not all names you’ll recognize but you’ll definitely know their faces.

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aDDicteD3325d ago

blade 2 was an underrated film but i really liked that movie. the story was inventive. definitely gonna buy it for bluray.