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New Resident Evil: Retribution Images Of Ada Wong, Rain Ocampo & Jill Valentine


Four brand new Resident Evil: Retribution images featuring three beautiful actresses; Michelle Rodriguez, Sienna Guillory and Bingbing Li.

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Crazay3039d ago

Damn - They nailed the casting and look for Jill Valentine in RE2 but look at her now with the blonde hair. Lifted right out of the game there. SMOKIN.

Ada looks good too.

Lord_Sloth3038d ago

So are they retconning character deaths or what?

Crazay3038d ago

not sure what they're doing but I suspect they could be clones much like Alice is a clone.

Soldierone3037d ago

In an interview Alice (forgot her real name lol) stated "its funny fans are throwing a fit about characters coming back to life when the series revolves around zombies and other fantasy elements"

However I too think its simply clones.

aDDicteD3036d ago

sienna guillory is a perfect choice for jill valentine, i cant say the same for the actors who played carlos, leon and ada.