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'ALF' Movie Lands at Sony Animation With 'Smurfs' Producer


Jordan Kerner, who produced last year's Smurfs movie, has boarded the hybrid live-action/CGI feature, which is planning to retain actor Paul Fusco as the voice of the furry extraterrestrial.

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movieshateyoutoo3336d ago

I'm not sure how IQs have dropped so far at Sony that this actually sounds like a good idea to anyone there.

Yi-Long3336d ago

... the supporting cast were all absolutely crap, but the character of Alf was very good, and it's a good thing they'll bring back the original voice-actor.

I do hope they'll find an interesting supporting cast this time.

I'm not expecting much from this, but even if it only means we might get a few re-runs on TV from the original series, it would be nice.

StarWarsFan3335d ago

This movie could be great if it referenced the old story line of the 1980's show, only decades later. But it won't be great with CGI. We fell in love with a live-action character and a CGI character of him will just look like a cartoon. The concept was okay for the Smurfs because they were a cartoon before, but ALF needs to be left as what he was before. Don't focus on re-imaging the look of ALF, focus on the story and jokes and this movie would be gold.