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Jay Roach Says He and Mike Myers Are Still Keen For Austin Powers 4


Jay Roach, director of the new political laffer “The Campaign”, tells Moviehole that he and Mike Myers have been conversing about a possible third sequel to their 1997 hit “Austin Powers”. Though it’s an idea both Mike Myers and Roach (“Meet the Parents”, “Game Change”) have toyed with for a while, “Austin Powers 4″ talk has ramped up again, he said. Still, there’s no greenlight yet and Myers could easily just go cold on the idea if it doesn’t feel right.

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Crazay3335d ago

I would totally go to a new Austin Powers movie.

DarkBlood3335d ago

well i hope mike is up to it, would love to see another movie in the series just think of the *in a good way* stupid and funny things that could happen in the sequal especially since Dr. evil is pratically Dr. Good lol

Crazay3334d ago

I'd actually like to see Fat Bastard become the main bad guy. That character slays me.

user54670073334d ago

Didn't Scotty become the new Dr Evil in the last one

Maybe a team up with Fat Bastard

DarkBlood3334d ago

yes scotty lost his hair by the end of the movie and i dont see how Fat bastard could be a bad guy i mean he went on a subway diet lol plus i think hes a good guy as well

p.s i thought the movie was already in the works well looks like i was wrong with this article

pompombrum3334d ago

Would definitely go to watch it but after the ending of the last one, they've got a long way to go to make it really good.

pompombrum3334d ago

I think the word/s you're looking for are "groovy baby"

KwietStorm_BLM3334d ago

No no no just leave it alone. Come up with something new, Hollywood.

Gamer19823334d ago

Myers said a long time ago he would do it after the next Shrek (the last one he made) so its due. I would love one and he said he would love as many as the bond films lol. Need a new enemy though Dr Evil getting stale now.

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