Five Actresses Who Could Play Captain Marvel In The Avengers Sequel

CBM: In the third and final instalment of this week's "Five Actors/Actresses Who Should Play..." feature here on CBM, I take a look at five actresses that I believe would be the perfect choice to finally bring Carol Danvers, a.k.a. Captain Marvel to the big screen.

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OneAboveAll3326d ago (Edited 3326d ago )

Captain Marvel is a dude... Don't you mean Ms. Marvel? Why scratch it out. You had it right... -___-

If they add her to the Avengers movie line up she will be Ms. Marvel. Not Captain Marvel. Ms. Marvel with the red and black suit or the black suit with the yellow bolt is much more iconic and one that fans actually know. The Captain Marvel version is another story arc so it doesn't make any sense.

aDDicteD3325d ago

somethings confusing here, i know that carol danvers assumed the role of captain marvel, but she was known for ms marvel at first, so why is there any chance she would represent captain marvel if she isnt the original and another thing is isnt it more acceptable if she plays ms marvel first. if they will include her in the new avengers i think every character should stay true to their roots, if not then the franchise might well be stained by critsism.