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Ryan Reynolds Teams With Atom Egoyan In Kidnap Thriller 'Queen Of The Night'

Ryan Reynolds has been set to star in Queen Of The Night, a psychological thriller that Atom Egoyan will direct next February in Ontario. Egoyan wrote the story, and scripted the film with David Fraser. Reynolds plays the father who discovers a series of disturbing clues eight years after his daughter is abducted, a trail that leads him to believe the now 17-year old girl is alive. He is determined to find her. The film is a co-production between the director’s Ego Film Arts and The Film Farm.

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alycakes3335d ago

I like Ryan Reynolds so much and I'm sure he will be so good in this. He really is great in serious movies but I still can't see him playing Highlander.

StarWarsFan3333d ago

Ryan Reynolds can't seem to get a break and jump into the A-list category. Green Lantern was supposed to make him a megastar but it didn't.