The Playlist Review: 'The Campaign'

The Playlist:
There’s always been something insidious about the MPAA ratings system. It’s allowed filmmakers to more directly label films as if they were products off the supermarket shelf -- “The Dark Knight Rises” is going to be PG-13, because it’s about a character kids wear on their jammies. “American Pie” is going to be R-rated, because they’re going to talk about sex a whole lot. But sometimes, you wonder if the PG-13 and lower ratings are designed to rescue filmmakers from themselves, forcing them to find creative ways to tell certain stories without the benefits of explicit content. Unfortunately, that train of thought is absent from “The Campaign,” a proudly-vulgar idiot festival that wears it’s sophomoric R-rating on its sleeve, infusing a ripe satirical comedic idea with nonsensical foul content in lieu of character, story and comedic resonance.

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alycakes3334d ago

Pretty harsh but even though I don't listen to reviews this is one movie I was going to miss anyway. I love Zack Galifianakis but I can't stand Will Ferrell.

darklordzor3334d ago

I think you should give it a shot Aly. I found this one of Ferrell's best in a long while. I really enjoyed this movie.

alycakes3334d ago

I might then...there have been maybe two of his movies that I've seen because of other actors that are in them that I like and have enjoyed the movie. Thanks.

darklordzor3334d ago

Yeah I was worried at first because of Ferrell's hit and miss record lately, but I was very surprised at how well this movie came out.

darklordzor3334d ago

I completely disagree. I found this a very funny movie that didn't get too 'stupid'. It managed to keep the jokes centered around the story, and I thought it had a fairly positive message to it.