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Forget ‘Twilight,’ Lionsgate Tinkering With Remaking ‘Saw’ Franchise…

Bloody Disgusting

Remember when we told you that Lionsgate was planning on remaking the Twilight films? You can go ahead and just replace “Twilight” with “Saw“…

Sources we trust tell Bloody exclusively that Lionsgate is tinkering with the idea of rebooting the Saw franchise, although an eighth film isn’t out of the cards. It should also be noted that nothing is official, and nothing has been decided. Things are at infant stages at this time, but rest assured, Jigsaw will return.

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Crazay3336d ago

I like the Saw franchise and will ONLY support the reboot if they use the same Jigsaw but relaunch his series of games in a new and thoughtful manner that is full of twists and surprises and NOT the torture porn it started was turning into.

darklordzor3336d ago

I think it's still way too early to reboot that franchise. It just ended not that long ago after a series of films that came out every year like clockwork, and were getting progressively worse and more derivative.

DarkBlood3336d ago

*shivers* oh god why, and i dont mean that in a bad way or good way in my case

i mean compared to other horror movies and the likes this series is literally the only one i can almost not get into at all with the things they show in the movie

again *shivers* yikes

Lord_Sloth3336d ago

Saw...A morbid and boring franchise. Why reboot it? Why reboot anything made within the last 12 years?

JL3336d ago

I like the franchise, though it's definitely been getting worse as it goes along. But I do agree, way too early for a reboot. I think there should be a rule that movies can't be remade until they're at least 10 years old.

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