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Bateman Tweets First Pic From the Arrested Development Set

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"Arrested Development" is returning next year and will be available on Netflix. Filming has started on the new season and Jason Bateman tweeted this first photo from the set.

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Crazay3335d ago

The amount of love and excitement I keep seeing for this show as it ramped up production leads me to think that I've missed out on something pretty special. Maybe I'll try and track it down and give it a shot.

darklordzor3335d ago

I honestly never got into this show. I've seen them all (because my wife begged me to give it a shot) and I just never got into it. I didn't think it was bad or anything, but I just never felt that overwhelming obsession so many others seem to.

Crazay3335d ago

I'll be sure to report back what I think of it after a few episodes.

darklordzor3335d ago

Meh, I'm just glad to see that a show with enough fan support can come back to life. Gives me hope for some other shows.

GillHarrison3334d ago

Ders and Adam from Workaholics? Awesome.