Mary Elizabeth Winstead Is Reprising Her Role As John McClane’s Daughter In The New Die Hard

Bleeding Cool

Though she kept her cards pretty close to her chest whenever the question came up, Mary Elizabeth Winstead has indeed reprised her role as Lucy McClane in the fifth Die Hard movie, A Good Day to Die Hard.

Diplomat, sometime extra and aspiring author Ted Cross has blogged about his experience playing a CIA man in the film, and describes the cherry on his Die Hard cake thus:

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Crazay3327d ago

I can't see her part in the new Die hard as being an overly big one. If they do something where she gets kidnapped by terrorists as a means of getting back at John Mcclane then the movie is probably doomed.

darklordzor3327d ago

Especially considering that was essentially her role in the last film. I don't think they'd go that route, at least I hope not.

darklordzor3327d ago

I really want to see this movie. Call me crazy, but I actually enjoyed the last film. It was just a fun, goofy, action movie, which is how I've viewed many of the previous Die Hard films. Nothing wrong with that.

Crazay3327d ago

Die Hard 1 and 2 are only on in my house at Christmas. Wish they'd do at least one more during Christmas.

darklordzor3327d ago

Ha! Yep, Die Hard is always one of my 'Holiday' movies that just has to be seen, otherwise it doesn't feel like Christmas time. That and Christmas Vacation.

NCAzrael3326d ago

Hehe, yep, right there with you guys. Last year I ended up spending Christmas by myself since both of my roommates went home for the week and I wasn't able to get out of work. I ended up watching Die Hard 1 and 2 as well as Lethal Weapon as my holiday movies.

Crazay3327d ago (Edited 3327d ago )

here's a pic that confirms 100% her role - To me it looks like she's just dropping him off at the airport or something.

StarWarsFan3326d ago

I can't imagine her role being too big in the movie.

JL3326d ago

Yeah, I don't see her having an overly big part. Though, if she does, I definitely don't see her being the damsel in distress type role.

You know, this news kinda makes me hope Justin Long turns up. I don't know why, just like that guy.

Crazay3326d ago

Things have been pretty quiet on his front as of late haven't they?

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