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TMP Reviews: Breaking Bad—"Fifty-One"

TheMoviePool: Can you believe it? We're already HALF way through Season 5 of Breaking Bad. It feels like it has only been a week since season premiered, doesn't it? I guess it's true what they say; time flies when you're having fun. Also, this season is about five episodes shorter than the last three, so that factors in as well. But even then, I'm dreading the days until I won't be able to catch a new episode of Breaking Bad on my TV screen. Thankfully, we have for more weeks left. In four weeks times, things are bound to hit the fan. So far, things have been going pretty damn well for Walter White, but we know that's not going to last. Hell, we saw that things somehow take a horrible turn for White on his 52nd birthday—exactly one year from when this episode takes place. And that's where this timeline has me worried.

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