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Joss Whedon to Write and Direct The Avengers 2

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During Disney's earnings call today, chairman and chief executive Bob Iger announced that Joss Whedon has officially signed on to write and direct The Avengers 2. He also revealed that Whedon will have a hand in the creation of the proposed Marvel TV show for ABC.

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Crazay3330d ago

No real big surprise here. Even if he was unsure about it, no doubt they backed a dump truck full of money up to his house and said "how about now?".

DarkBlood3329d ago

lol beware thou who come with money

anyways this is awsome news, we can expect the next one to be a success and probably funny to boot

darklordzor3329d ago

Honestly, that doesn't sound like Whedon to me. Something tells me that if he really didn't want to do it, the money wouldn't change his mind. He's a director that has to really commit to a project and enjoy himself or he won't do it.

hazelamy3329d ago

fantastic, been a fan of Whedon's work for years, and he knocked Avengers out of the park, so i'm ecstatic they got him back for a sequel.

i'd like to see him given an advisory role on the other phase two movies as well.
the guy knows movies and tv and he knows comics, and he knows how to do them all well.

Crazay3329d ago

Its all looking up for the series isn't it.

darklordzor3329d ago

Since he's going to be overseeing development on all the Phase 2 projects, I have much higher hopes for them. The problem I had with Thor, Captain America, and Iron Man 2 was that all of the Avengers lead-in stuff felt way too forced and detracted from the overall story.

I think the reason for that is because it was all still up in the air at that point. Now that we have one guy overseeing it, who's also going to direct the Avengers 2 they'll be leading up to, I think they tie-ins will be far more cohesive and less intrusive to the individual films' stories.

SJIND3329d ago

Great news for Marvel fans! Hope they get to use some of the big name Villains.

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