The Justice League Film Faces Some Super Challenges

From TMP:

Warner Brothers has commisioned a script for a Justice League film but bringing the project to the screen may not be so easy. A movie like this brings with it a plethora of creative challenges. Will it be a s Shared universe? A Stand-alone project? Should they use new actors or the ones from previous films? Do they introduce all the characters or just assume everyone knows Superman and Green Lantern? What's the best way to make a Justice League film? There are tons of questions, and I take a look at the biggest ones and my thoughts on how it should be handled.

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darklordzor3334d ago

I can't remember who I was talking this over with, but I think they should handle the Justice League movie much like they did with the first few issues of the New 52 JL. They are already established as heroes in their own way, without needing to go through backstory, yet they don't know about each other. They are forced together because of a common threat but aren't necessarily a team yet either.