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The Batmobile: Then and Now

Chillopedia | Of all the outrageous four-wheeled vehicles to grace the silver screen, one of the most iconic has to be the Caped Crusader’s carriage, the Dark Knight’s drive – the Batmobile.

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Yi-Long3336d ago

... will always be the Batmobile from the first Tim Burton Batman movie ('89). That looked soooooooo cool.

darklordzor3335d ago

Completely agree, that's still my all time favorite as well. I always loved the way it 'locked up' with all of the armor folding around it. Just so freaking cool.

kingPoS3333d ago

Of all the batmobile's, the tumbler only one to feature in three batman movie's. Tim Burton's comes in second.(still the classiest imo)

aDDicteD3331d ago

the best batmobile for me is the 1989 batman movie batmobile when i first saw it as a child i was really amazed. the tumbler from dark knight trilogy is accurate wise if in real life there would be a real batmobile because of all the weaponry that you can stock up. well all batmobiles looked awesome even the batman forever batmobile was looking good. maybe the least favorite batmobile was the batman and robin version.