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The Playlist's Guide To The Best And Worst Spin-Off Movies

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There was never just one...This week sees "The Bourne Legacy" hit theaters, and it's a little hard to know what to describe it as. After all, it doesn't feature, except tangentially, the character whose name it bears, Matt Damon's Jason Bourne. Instead, it focuses on a new character, Jeremy Renner's Aaron Cross, whose adventures overlap with and feature some of the same characters in the previous 'Bourne' films. Is it a sequel? Kind of. Is it a "sidequel," as some have termed it? Yeah, maybe. But given the way it jumps off from the existing 'Bourne' films and heads off into new territory, we think it qualifies as one of the more successful examples of a less-than-illustrious Hollywood concept: the spin-off.

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