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Deleted Scenes from The Dark Knight Rises Explains Bane’s Backstory


At 164 minutes, I’m surprised anything was cut from The Dark Knight Rises, but it looks like at least a couple scenes were left on the cutting room floor. In an interview with GQ, costume designer Lindy Hemming talks about a flashback sequence involving Bane (Tom Hardy). Hemming hasn’t seen the finished film, so she assumed the scene had made the final cut. The audience never learns much about Bane other than the mask is a breathing device that stops him from being in incredible pain, and also a spoiler that I won’t reveal here.

Hit the jump for more details on the deleted scene.

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aDDicteD3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

that'll be cool to have a bit of bane's backstory with his mask and as well as his training on the league of shadows. i do hope there's thalia and Ra's al Ghul backstory deleted scenes as well.
i do hope that the deleted scenes will end up when The Dark Knight Rises blu-ray/dvd arrives or a extended cut.

adorie3335d ago

This movie is my favorite with in the last few years.

Bane, voice and all... was a bad-ass to the bone.
If anything I'd like to know what happened to his mouth and why it he goes through extreme pain if the mask is removed.

All I can remember: SPOILERS
he was disfigured by a crazy guy in prison? some deranged doctor if I remember correctly.

LtSkittles3335d ago

I'm hoping they release a Director's cut of all three. Joker's can stay mysterious, because it's better that way.

sikbeta3335d ago

Waiting for the Blu-Ray edition already, day one!

kingPoS3335d ago

Come on people we already knew it cut, we just weren't aware of of "how' much was cut. I hope it's still in theaters 3 weeks from now.

alycakes3335d ago

Even though it just came out, I can't wait to see the director's cut when it comes to Blu-ray. I love watching the uncut version.

adorie3335d ago

I'm with you. Supposedly it comes out December 7th.

LtSkittles3335d ago

Makes sense The Dark Knight came out on DVD/Bluray on December 9th 2008.

ZombieKiller3335d ago

I liked this movie a hell of alot. I wasn't fond of Bane's voice as it did not fit the character as well as I'd hoped, but that's not to say that it wasn't good. I wish Batman's opening scene was a bit more epic. But it was still damn good. Best superhero trilogy EVER!

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