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See It or Skip It: Total Recall

Paul from shares his thoughts on the recent Total Recall remake, highlighting what made the film work, and what could have been better.

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3329d ago
darklordzor3329d ago

This one is hard to call for me. I enjoyed watching it while I was in the theater, but it didn't leave any lasting impression on me. I don't feel the need to see it again or anything, but it's fun pure entertainment, 'popcorn' flick.

I say catch it at a matinee.

aDDicteD3324d ago

if you watch the 90's version of total recall you wont be that surprised about the twist and happenings in this film. its pretty much enjoyable with watching kate bekinsale and jessica biel, its action filled but by the end of the film i cant decide if its really good or its more like a guilty pleasure.