The Closer: Were You Surprised By the Leak

TNT’s The Closer, in the series’ penultimate episode, closed the chapter on the mystery of the leak who was feeding inter-departmental intel to Peter Goldman, the bulldog lawyer who’s been suing Brenda, the LAPD, and the city of Los Angeles for a “pattern of denying suspects their constitutional privilege to a fair trial.”

The big reveal, almost a year in the making, came midway through the investigation of a pleasingly twisty and twisted, yet easy-to-follow, case. As Brenda and Gabriel (played by Corey Reynolds) grilled a young teen whose boyfriend (Greek‘s Scott Michael Foster) was under suspicion of shooting dead a security guard, Raydor interrupted to pull Gabriel away on what was obviously serious business. He was led to Pope’s office where his new-ish girlfriend Anne was sitting, in tears.

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alycakes3335d ago

I have to say I wasn't surprised it was Gabriel but I was surprised about how it was thru him that he was actually the source and not the direct leak...which actually made me happy because it would have been really bad if he'd turned out to be a bad guy. I figured out last week that it was thru his girlfriend but it shocked me as to how it all went down.