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Five Actresses Who Could Play Wonder Woman In Justice League


Well, Justice League or her own solo movie that is! While the planned small screen series starring Adrianne Palicki never amounted to more than anything than a failed pilot, there has still been talk of the Amazonion princess getting an outing on the big screen. Here are my top five choices.

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Crazay3330d ago (Edited 3330d ago )

I still say that Megan Fox is a good choice. Jessica Biel is decent too as is that smokin' hot chick who says she'd like to play She-Hulk Angie Harmon.

DarkBlood3330d ago

though megan fox form fits the intended look for wonderwoman im not really sold on the idea of her playing as wonderwoman

now this being as movies your suppose to act out personalitys i think, not to sure on her playing as wonderwoman that well know what i mean?

of course i could be wowed joss weldon and nolan style and see it being pulled off really good but these actors got to have commitment dont want actors/actress changing now do we

Yi-Long3329d ago

... Beyonce as Wonder Woman.

She's got the body, she can act, I know she's black and Wonder Woman looks pretty white, but still, I think she would be great.

DarkBlood3330d ago

these are my choices from that list in my own order

1-GINA CARANO *after carefully looking at her i can see why she looks the best for my own reasons other then what the article stated*


Crazay3330d ago

I like Olivia Wilde and Evangeline Lilly. I REALLY REALLY do but, the one thing that they don't have, and this isn't to sound like a sexist pig but it's fact, are the right ....Ahem...Chest size. Say what you will about that comment but it's the truth. Wonder Woman is a Buxom Amazon princess and Olivia Wilde and Evangeline Lilly are rather small in that department.

BlackIceJoe3330d ago

I my self thought Bridget Regan would have been great for Wonder Woman after seeing her in Legend of the Seeker. Evangeline Lilly I could see being a good Zatanna though. I think Gina Carano would work great as Hawkgirl too.

OSIRUSSS3330d ago

Eliza Dushku would be good as Zatanna. As for WW I think Jordana Brewster would be perfect.Or maybe Zoe Saldana.

Crazay3329d ago

Not to be a jerk/biggot or any of the other terms that may be tossed out but Zoe Saldana is not a good fit for the simple fact that shes not a white woman. Some up up to also suggested Beyonce.. okay...cause she's shown what a great actress she is? Theyre both gorgeous women but they can't fit the role of wonder woman if for nothing else because of race. They changed it up once for cat woman and what a wondrous movie that was.

OSIRUSSS3328d ago

Your point is well taken but isn't WW greek or South American?

Lord_Sloth3330d ago

Mary Elizabeth Winstead

Remember that Wonder Woman is an Amazon Warrior so the actress should have the look of a warrior in her eyes. Winstead works for that perfectly.

hazelamy3329d ago

after seeing John Carter i have to say i don't think she'd be a bad choice.

but my personal favourite has to be Gina Carano.

she seems to have fan support, and from what i've read, on the internet so take with a pinch of salt, she's keen to do it too.

Deadpool6163329d ago

She's a good choice as well. Gina Carano has the fighting experience. Not to mention, she's built like an Amazon.

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