99 Reasons Why The Dark Knight Rises Sucked


After the fantastic movies that were Batman Begins and The Dark Knight, my expectations for The Dark Knight Rises were pretty astronomical. Unfortunately, I was severely let down. Here I will list 99 reasons why The Dark Knight Rises was a bad film. Obviously, SPOILERS are to be expected so be warned if you haven't seen the film yet.

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Crazay3336d ago

The guy brings up some valid points in his assessment of the movie but I'm sure that someone with the same level of cynicism and nitpickiness could do the same for every single superhero movie.

I finally got to see the movie on Saturday and I really likes it. I felt like there was a form of finality to it but open ended enough that should WB really want to continue on this path they could easily do so.

sjaakiejj3335d ago

Stopped reading after number 10, as it's far too obvious the guy is nitpicking. It'll be just as easy to come up with 99 reasons The Dark Knight sucked, or any movie in general.

krazykombatant3335d ago

What an idiot. Butthurt marvel fan he must be.

aDDicteD3335d ago

I Dont know how the author came-up with a 99 reasons but if this movie has 99 reasons on why it sucked then how about the other movies that wasn't close to this Dark Knight finale, it'll have 300 reasons? and the other movies that actually sucked it'll have what? million reasons?

I can agree on some of it like no.5 and 15 but still it's flaws were shallow and after watching it i could only think of 5-6 reasons but still as shallow reasons as i can get. all in all it was a very good movie and worthy finale for Nolan's batman trilogy

lorcraven3335d ago

The film was great, it was the hype that was the problem. I spent my time watching it constantly comparing everything to Dark Knight, when what I should have done is just sit down and enjoy the experience, and it was the hype that got me in that state of mind.

It's a great film and my favorite of the year, (now that I've had the chance to see it a few times and really take it all in) and like others are saying this guy's being super nitpicky.

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The story is too old to be commented.