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NBC Developing Action Thriller From 'Life' Creator

The 20th TV drama project from Rand Ravich centers on a secret service agent, who finds himself at the center of an international crisis.

The project, which hails from 20th Century Fox Television, is billed as an emotionally charged action thriller set in and around Washington, D.C. It centers on an idealistic Secret Service agent who finds himself at the center of an international crisis on his first day on the job. In his search for the truth, he will have to cross moral and legal lines as he navigates the highest levels of power and corruption.

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alycakes3337d ago

This is all well and good...I like shows like that. It sounds a little like 24...but that's not what I was going to say....what upsets me is that as soon as I get interested, they get cancelled.

The show 'Life' that they mention here was one of the best shows on tv and not only did they cancel it but they left it hanging where there was no closure to any of the characters especially the main was very upsetting.