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Jeff Daniels Says There's Hope for the Dumb and Dumber Sequel

Crave Online: At the Television Critics Association panel for “The Newsroom” I was excited to hear Jeff Daniels talk about the Aaron Sorkin series. But I also wanted to know some very important movie news. So after the panel, I joined the scrum of reporters on stage, and after Daniels discussed the nobility of news, I asked him what he thought of Jim Carey backing out of Dumb and Dumber 2. And it’s good news! There’s still hope for the film to shoot next year.

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TheCritic283337d ago

Is there any point of doing this without Jim Carrey?

No, there is not.

adorie3335d ago

they are both two halves of the movie. I wouldn't want to see either of them out.

Jim needs to suck it up and do this. But at the end of the day it's his decision -_-

StarWarsFan3335d ago

This would be brilliant with the original pair of dummies, which is ironic.