The Great Gatsby Delayed Until Summer 2013

Cinema Blend: Anyone who was looking forward to a serious Leonardo DiCaprio double feature this Christmas is going to have to change their plans. While both Quentin Tarantino's Django Unchained and Baz Luhrmann's The Great Gatsby had been scheduled to open on the historically crowded December 25 holiday, Gatsby has blinked, and Warner Bros. has delayed the period film's release to next summer.

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TheCritic283336d ago

So it probably has no chance of getting any Oscars now, does it? Unless you come out in the last three months of a year, chances are slim.

edwest3335d ago

Of course, it's not as if moving a film away from minimal competittion into an arena swimming with competittion poses any risks, right?

I know Warners will play the Hobbit as their excuse card. But Sherlock Holmes made plenty of money despite opening alongside Avatar. Go figure.

aDDicteD3328d ago

i still didnt understand, it could have still played in december, django unchained is a pretty cool movie but it probably has a diffrent target market of viewers like hobbit and les miserables. so i dont know if avoiding the competition would do this film a benefit. christmas season is the season in which eventual oscar nominated movies are produced and i heard rumors that this movie is great.