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The Dark Knight Rises vs. The Avengers - The Results - IGN Versus


We asked and you answered. Which of these fantastic films did you prefer? The latest Batman film, The Dark Knight Rises or The Avengers?

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aDDicteD3334d ago (Edited 3334d ago )

in those categories, yes I agree that the dark knight rises is better in my opinion and the villain and sex appeal category was a sure hit for the dark knight rises' bane and catwoman.

if there's one more category that I'll add that would be who had the more cheesy lines and scenes in the film, ^_^

both films were really good on delivering those cheesy lines/quotes and they were so memorable like in dark knight rises "so that's how it feels like" quote by bale. as well as hulk punching thor scene

alycakes3333d ago

I have to say that The Avengers still beat TDKR by just a pinch on all you have to remember that I'm saying just a pinch and that's about 10% better. It was a close call but I'm just a little bias.

They were both so great though...can't wait to see them again...going to see TDKR again next week and I might see the Avengers one more time before it comes out on Blu-ray...maybe if I can.