True Blood Recap: “Everybody Wants to Rule the World”

My relationship with True Blood sometimes feels a lot like Sam and Luna’s, at least in this episode. “You are so fucking annoying! I love you!” Sam snarls at her to which she replies through gritted teeth “love you, too.” Every year I swear True Blood off, and every year I come crawling back because it looks like it might finally have redeemed itself and recaptured the magic of its first season. This current, wildly uneven season has proven that there’s always going to be enough there to keep most viewers coming back, and a lot of it was on show in “Everybody Wants to Rule the World.” There was humor, drama, and some meta acknowledgement of that fact that this is all completely ridiculous. Most importantly though, we closed at least one storyline while a few others finally started coming together. Keep your heads down, tits up, and hit the jump for more on “a really stupid plan that’ll probably get you killed” (i.e. “must be Sunday!”)

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