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Outland Blu-ray Review - Movies Hate You Too

Nicholas Of Movies Hate You Too writes:

On Jupitor’s moon Io a titanium mining operation is in full swing when the new Federal Marshall, William O’Niel arrives to start his tour of duty. After several miners die under mysterious circumstances the investigation points to a new drug that allows the miners to work for days without rest. The mine’s manager warns O’Niel to mind his own business or there will be consequences. O’Niel presses on and finds himself outnumbered and alone with no escape.

The original Star Trek is considered by many to be a space western but Outland takes the idea to a whole new level. Written by direct Peter Hyams, Outland is little more than High Noon in space where a sheriff must face off against deadly foes when his ‘town’ turns their back on him. Even though its not much more than a genre transplant Outland is a surprisingly effective sci-fi action-thriller. Sean Connery is no stranger to science fiction but his film’s rarely fit neatly into th...

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