Ten Movies People Hate... and Why They're Not That Bad


In ten years, which of 2012’s films will you be defending? Some might argue for Prometheus, claiming Ridley Scott's epic ambition overrules his lapses in logic. Others will sing the merits of The Dark Knight Rises, in the face of those calling it the blight on a near-perfect trilogy. Some might say that 48 frames per second was the best thing to happen to modern cinema - but then, in 2022, maybe it will be, so best not to speculate.

Here’s a set of movies that are generally considered failures in one way or another. Some of them famously suffered from production problems, some were over-hyped, some flopped at the box office, some did OK with the critics yet were maligned by fans. All have been unfairly judged.

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wishingW3L3336d ago

I can't believe IGN's trying to defend an abomination like Alien 3. It does not compute.

barb_wire3336d ago

'Alien 3' has it's moments BUT it's still a train wreck of a movie.. if possible, watch the work print edition of 'Alien 3' that was on the 'Alien Quadrilogy' Box Set on DVD/Blu Ray.. it's a far better movie in it's expanded format BUT totally disowned by David Fincher.

Still, I'll take 'Alien 3' any day over the putrid POS 'Alien Resurrection'.. now there's a movie that did kill off the 'Alien' franchise.

jony_dols3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

Alien 3 Assembly Cut is a damn fine film. Having never seen the original Alien 3 cut before watching the Blu ray version, I was able to appreciate it for what it is; a dark & nihilistic science fiction film that doesn't hold back.

It's still flawed & the maze sequence at the end is jarring, but the overall sense of grim reality & the lose of hope is in brilliant contrast to the clean-cut & upbeat ending of Aliens. Fincher had a pair of balls & didn't conform to a bunch of Cameron-esque cliches.

Alien 3 deserves to be rewatched, but leave your pre-conceived prejudices, (such as thinking that Newt should impervious to harm just because she's a kid or that Ripley should have spent the entire film in a mech-suit massacring swarms of Xenomorphs), at the door before viewing.

-Superman-3335d ago

Superman - I really liked this scene, where Superman had no powers, were in skin tight suit, touched by guys, having erection and Brandon Routh enyoined it fully.

-Superman-3335d ago

Agreed, i cant see reason why hate Quantum of Solace.
Quantum of Solace is still one of the best James bond movies ever done. 23 bond movies. Well, at least better than 19 james bond movies.

I think Alien 3 is good movie. I mean, Alien kills them, and they have no weapons. Ending was perfect, he died, but Alien 4 ruined it :(

Indiana Jones & the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull I REALLY wanted to like it, but i just cant. Too much CGI, and too much boring talking.

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iamnsuperman3336d ago

I didn't think Superman was that bad. I would have preferred to see a gritty Superman (can't wait for the new one) but it was a decent Superman film.

Baka-akaB3336d ago (Edited 3336d ago )

I dont see the point of a gritty superman , when all there is beyond lighter heroes like Superman , is grit lately .

I still think Returns was awful . The hero wasnt truly his heroic self at all , pretty much albeit mostly indirectly wrecking a couple.

And he wasnt doing much worth a movie till his sacrifice toward the end . I never asked for some silly micheal explosion hoopalooza , but the meat of the story was weak , and the actio mostly absent .

Supes's biggest opponent of the movie was pretty much some kriptonite land .

At last for a movie hiding so much behind the "tale of a romance" excuse , it lacked chemistry between every party involved . None between routh's clark/superman and Kate Bosworth's Lois . And too much missing from Lois and Richard... even if obviously he wasnt the love of her life .

I dont even know or think the blame lies on Brandon Routh , he was most likely instructed to channel some Christopher Reeves , and tried he did , with some degree of success . He was just very badly used but still playing Reeves playing Superman.

aviator1893336d ago

I agree with the Village and Salvation. Both were really great movies and I've watched each at least 5 times.

Human Analog3336d ago

I can agree with a lot of that list. I for one liked Superman returns. But as a lifelong Alien lover. Alien3 was the beginning of the end of the franchise. I don't care about the reasons for it. The final product was subpar, and a patchwork of bad ideas.

I'll add a movie to the list that peopled hated, but was not really that bad. The Godzilla movie with Matthew Broderic. That one got flack for reasons I don't understand. I say it in the theater when it came out, and have been a fan of it since.

Omegabalmung3336d ago

Dont know but I couldnt finish watching Superman Returns. I probably much watched it about 5 times now but could only make it up to the bank scene before falling asleep lol.

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