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Will Batman Ever Make An Appearance in ‘Arrow’?


In the ten seasons of Smallville, Tom Welling’s Clark Kent crossed paths with many of DC Comics’ lineup of superheroes, from Aquaman and Green Arrow, to Martian Manhunter and Hawkman, but in that decade, he never met the most popular of Superman’s allies from the comics: Batman.

With CW’s Arrow premiering this October and with Christopher Nolan’s Batman trilogy now concluded, is there a chance Warner Bros. will allow the series and its protagonist to join forces with The Dark Knight?

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hazelamy3331d ago

there were licensing issue with bring Bruce/Batman into smallville, that could be the case here too.

seems kinda silly though, they're all under the warner umbrella so why they couldn't make it work i don't know.

Batman might be a better fit here than Smallville anyway, it seems to have a much darker tone and he's also another non powered superhero, unless they've seriously changed the premise of Green Arrow for this series

calis3330d ago

Yeah, that's a bit weird.

Was there a mention of Chloe working for a rich guy in Gotham (alluding to Bruce Wayne) just before she left the show or was that something I dreamed up?

DarkBlood3330d ago

as far as i know she wasnt working for him she just indirectly mention him as " a billionare with big toys" i think thats the close quote and wonderwoman was mention indirectly as well

i think so or it was some other superhero

calis3330d ago

I think you are right there.

JL3330d ago

I don't know all the details on the licensing rights for this property so I can't say for certain what WB does possess. However, I do know that there is a difference between TV licensing and Film licensing. It's not uncommon for one company to hold sole film rights, while maybe somebody has rights to use a character on TV. This could very well be the case here. Maybe DC sold Warner Bros film rights, but Warner doesn't have any TV rights?