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Lindsay Lohan Set for Scary Movie 5 With Charlie Sheen!

E! Online:
If you don't know whether to scream or laugh at Lindsay Lohan sometimes,'s your chance to do both!
The comebacking star is going to be in Scary Movie 5, sources exclusively confirm to E! News.

Maybe being the next Anna Faris is just what the doctor ordered for Lohan, who will be seen first in the very under wraps TV movie Liz & Dick, which Lifetime is promoting so far only with a still of the 25-year-old actress dolled up like Elizabeth Taylor, rather than with any juicy scenes from the drama.

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Yi-Long3339d ago (Edited 3339d ago )

... I don't see what could possibly go wrong(!) :D

That's going to make one hell of a 'behind the scenes' documentary on the BR... :D

JL3337d ago

lol I know right? I can imagine that behind the scenes documentary being more entertaining than the movie.

That being said, if Anna Faris isn't a part of this, I don't want to see it. For me, she's become the staple of that franchise. In either case, I really feel the franchise has kinda ran its course anyways.

Soldierone3338d ago

Ugh, I hope she isn't the main character in it....I love Scary Movie (the series) but I'll pass on the theater release if thats the case.....