Sony Pictures Classics Acquire Ramin Bahrani's 'At Any Price' With Zac Efron & Dennis Quaid

The Playlist:
Of all the director/actor pairings of the year, the one between the acclaimed, but so far firmly arthouse-y Ramin Bahrani, the helmer of "Man Push Cart" and "Goodbye Solo," and Zac Efron, fresh-faced star of the "High School Musical" franchise, is one of the most curious. But after festival plaudits and rave reviews, Bahrani seems ready to break out to a wider audience, while Efron, to his credit, is looking to be taken seriously as an adult leading man, showing up at Cannes with (the admittedly badly received) "The Paperboy," and attaching himself to the remake of "Easy Money" and the Nicholas Stoller/Seth Rogen comedy "Townies," among others.

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