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Killer Joe Review | GameRedemption

Game Redemption writes:
The story is based off of Tracy Letts play and William Friedkin directs this with the stage in mind. Much like their previous collaboration, Bug, shots are small and deliberate while characters deliver anecdotes that reveal dark pasts. The crescendo of this film involves all the players sitting at a dinner table with extreme tension surrounding them as twists are revealed. The movie is nasty, it can induce cringes, it can offend and it will go lower than you can possibly imagine. The comedy here and there are quite a few punch-lines are all extremely dark. The film features ugly and ignorant people doing ugly and ignorant things to each other. Yet with the performances and extreme black comedy it still shines in its reprehensibility. Some will walk away dismissing it as a vile piece while others thinking a thrilling ride to unfathomable depths.

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