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Universal Secures ‘American Reunion’ Writer-Directors for ‘American Pie 5′


hen studios take several years to prepare the next chapter in a successful franchise, the resulting films are often considered underwhelming disappointments (Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines and Scream 4 are two examples). So, when word first broke that Universal was prepping a fourth big-screen American Pie film, some fans were understandably skeptical. Even with the full original cast signed to return, could American Reunion recapture the magic that made the 1999 original one of the defining comedies of a generation?

As it turns out, the film did turn out to be a return to form for the series (read our review) and managed a tidy profit earlier this year, with a $233.6 million worldwide box office haul. That’s not the kind of cash Hollywood tends to ignore – even if 75 percent of it was derived from overseas grosses – so it’s no surprise that talk American Pie 5 has already started.

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Camza3331d ago

Another series run into the ground.

iamnsuperman3330d ago

Anerican reunion was a good film. Why can't you just leave it there

JL3330d ago

I finally got around to watching American Reunion last night and I thought it was decent. I didn't feel it was quite the return to form that made it as good as the original. While it had it's moments, it did still lack a bit of something. But all in all, it was a decent watch. It just didn't make me laugh as much as I wanted (maybe my expectations were too high). That being said, it was decent as I said, and I thought it tied up loose ends well. I thought it was a nice way to round out the franchise and I don't see a need for another one.