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The Daily Rotation - Step Up Revolution Review

Wilson of The Daily Rotation wrote, "Step Up Revolution is another addition to this seemingly shallow and pointless series of dancing flicks. This time, its set in Miami. Woot."

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darklordzor3333d ago

Yeah, this is about the score I expected for this movie. I had very little hope for this film. You know what's really funny, is that my press contact who invited me to an early screening, didn't even want to go see it!

KingPin3331d ago

these movies suck.

the first one was good coz it was sort of original. the second one was more of the same. then it went downhill from there.

the thing is the story is lame in all of them.

example - "i wanna make a difference, i wanna change the world" <break out in a dance move> like thats gonna help the world. its dumb.