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Six 90s Movies That Actually Deserve A Remake

cinemablend: Yesterday we circled the wagons around six films from 90s that we couldn't bear to see get the same treatment as Total Recall-- that is, getting remade. But while it's always your instinct to protect the movies you love, and to assume that a remake is the last-resort effort from a movie industry that's run out of ideas, remakes are basically as old as the movie itself. There are only so many stories you can tell anyway, and if you've got a good one, why not tell it again for a new generation? Ben-Hur was a remake. So was John Carpenter's The Thing. Seriously, they're not all bad.

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aDDicteD3337d ago

waterworld has more potential to be remade than the six other 90's film mentioned..speed is the best film in the list but it was done flawlessly before why do they need to reboot it? waterworld was a decent film also but if they make it now, it can actually progress more and the CGI would be more effective throw in a more straightforward script and hollywood can make a sequel depending on how it performs in the box office.