Alice's Story So Far in the Resident Evil Films

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Sony's Screen Gems has released this recap featurette on Milla Jovovich's Alice in the "Resident Evil" films leading up to footage from Resident Evil: Retribution, which hits 3D, 2D and IMAX 3D theaters on September 14.

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Crazay3711d ago

I kinda miss the feel of the original one and 2. The first felt more like a Horror movie, the 2nd was more horror action and now it feels like just plain old action. I want it to go back to the Horror movie feel and look.

iChii3710d ago

But wait, is Retribution gonna be a sequel to Afterlife? Cause I didn't see anyone from Afterlife.

Thatguy-3103710d ago

ummm what is going on? lol i seriously dont get whats happening in retribution O.O

Dms20123710d ago

Her croaky scratchy voice has become like nails on chalkboard to me.

TVippy3710d ago

Horrible pornography of a movie. It should die ASAP, people should be ashamed something like this exists in this universe.