Jimmy Fallon in Talks to Host the Oscars


Summer is finally, hopefully winding down to a close, and it’s time to start talking about Oscar yet again. Though we’ve likely only seen a couple of possible contenders for the 85th Academy Awards thus far, the Academy is busy with their first priority: sorting out who will host the ceremony. According to the LA Times, Jimmy Fallon is in talks to host this year’s Oscars, but there may be a bit of a hiccup. The Academy president is keen on the idea of Fallon hosting, but ABC—who broadcasts the show—apparently has some reservations. They’re not high on showcasing Fallon, since the late night talk show host competes with ABC’s Jimmy Kimmell for viewers. Hit the jump for more.

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darklordzor3331d ago

I actually wouldn't mind this one. I think he could probably do a good job. I used to not care for him, but he's done a really good job with the Late show.

aviator1893330d ago

I agree. Either him or conan. Both guys are awesome and great to watch.

movieshateyoutoo3330d ago

Just another reason not to watch.