Writer/Producer Frank Spotnitz Talks His Desire to Make a Third X-Files Movie

The X-Files writer/producer Frank Spotnitz has created the compelling eight-episode international espionage series Hunted for Cinemax, to premiere on October 26th. The story follows Sam Hunter (Melissa George), a skilled operative for Byzantium, a secretive private firm involved in global intelligence and espionage, that may have personally been responsible for orchestrating an attempt on her life, leaving her with no idea who to trust.

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alycakes3339d ago

I would like to see another X-Files movie. That used to be my favorite tv show when it was on.

movieshateyoutoo3337d ago

If Spotnitz could get Vince Gilligan (fromer X-file executive producer, creator of Breaking Bad) on board he might be able to make some headway with another X-Files movie.

MinimeJer053337d ago

The last movie was downright horrible and NOT an X-Files movie at all, which means I'd like to see a third movie if it actually dealt with material from the show.