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Look: Cool Fan-Made Posters for Unproduced Video Game Movies

FirstShowing: Even though some film adaptations of video games have their fans (the Resident Evil group being some of the most baffling), I think it's safe to say that most gamers have been disappointed with most, if not all, of the attempts to turn their favorite games into movies. In fact, just the idea of seeing a movie version of any given video game is probably more satisfying than the movie itself. Having each fan assemble their dream cast and presume Christopher Nolan is available to direct each and every one of them is a pipe dream worth holding onto. Some fans have taken this to the next level by crafting their own movie posters. Look!

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aDDicteD3335d ago

the uncharted poster looks fan made, while the zelda poster doesnt attract new viewers, by far the poster portal and splinter cell looks amazingly good and can easily be confused as legit.