X-Men: First Class 2 - Bryan Singer Confirms Days of Future Past


X-Men: First Class producer Bryan Singer confirms the title for the sequel and more!

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Crazay3341d ago

Days of future past is a great story but...hmmm...if memory serves, it involved the current mutants we know now did it not?

DarkBlood3341d ago

so this day of future past is like a future going into the past to reboot the timeline of the trilogy we originaly known? :P

its at least where i think they could go with it

either way it sounds interesting and we could still get to keep the wolverine we all know and love for the 2nd or third installment

Crazay3341d ago

They can't lose the Wolverine we all know and love. I'll boycott as I'm sure throngs of other fans will as well.

DarkBlood3341d ago

well if wolverine is or isnt in it wont be a big deal to me because i was originally a bigger fan of magneto but i dont remeber how i started liking wolverine alot more years ago maybe it was because of the orgins movie that made him appear more badass to me

i'll go see the movie regardless because i enjoyed first class for its story and thats saying much since im usually an action movie type of guy

so all in all magneto and wolverine are my 2 most high favourite mutants in the entire series kind of ironic isnt it considering the difference between them two lol

aDDicteD3340d ago

well maybe that is one of their intention for choosing this story arc to somehow accept the first x-men trilogy.

if that is happening then there's a chance that Hugh Jackman might make a cameo in it just like what he did at first class

hazelamy3340d ago

well, time travel worked well for kinda rebooting Star Trek, so it could work here, so any inconsistencies between the original trilogy and these films can be explained away by time travel.

ahh, time travel, the sci fi version of "a wizard did it". ^_^

aDDicteD3340d ago

besides from the fact that x-men first class was really good and the intriguing days of the future arc story-line. the one thing that I'm so looking forward to is the sentinels. they'd better give us a descent sentinels.

Legion3340d ago (Edited 3340d ago )

One of the better story arcs where Sentinels rule, and mutants were put into concentration camps. It has been changed a bit a couple times for the animated series.

Curious to see how they rework this and if it will eventually spin off into the Age of Apocalypse?

reznik_zerosum3340d ago

super-hero movies should die already

aDDicteD3340d ago

not gonna happen,, if the movie sucked it will only get a much anticipated reboot/remake

KwietStorm_BLM3340d ago

Already? They're just now becoming part of the norm. When Spiderman finally got his movie, the floodgates were opened. Why do you feel that way?

calis3340d ago

Marvel and DC couldn't hear you over the sound of the money they're piling in.

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